Aga Kokoszewska
Outsourcing Your Employee Coaching

Outsourcing Your Employee Coaching

The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.

B.B. King

The benefits of engaging in outsourcing your organization’s coaching to a professional coach are many and include:

The ability for you as the business owner or manager, not only does it save money but also time spent on managing day-to-day operations. This can potentially free up more hours per week where employees could work together towards achieving long term goals which will lead into greater profits down the road; another major benefit is being able ́both barrels̖ when looking at different aspects of running things such as sales strategy (i.e. knowing what customers want before hand), improving customer service skills among other key ingredients necessary within today’s market place.

You want a fresh perspective on what works best with clients/customers; Professional coaches have outside life experiences which can help them tailor an effective solution that will resonate more deeply than one designed by someone within.

They offer personalized session with one specific goal; as opposed to having multiple goals associated within every aspect or task given by managers who may not have all necessary skills themselves – Businesses value expertise more than experience because they know what can go wrong when somebody else has been handling everything on behalf of those running day to-day operations (eg taking decisions based purely off emotion) but doesn’t understand business inside.

I take confidentiality extremely seriously and always clear that topic during Foundation Session. Coaching program is most effective when provided over the course of 6 months with 60-90 monthly online sessions. The rapid course usually includes 3 months of 60-90 minute monthly sessions. Implementing a permanent change in daily routine takes time. Learning a new skill or improving on a specific aspect of behavior will depend on the coachee. Achieving a goal will mainly depend on what is the goal we are working on. Coaching may be needed for a single employee, a whole team, leader, individual or groups. Perhaps coaching is needed for some/every person involved during a very important project.