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Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

Mastering communication skills is essential to success in nearly all areas of your life. Be serious about improving your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Understand, how  important effective communication really is for your personal and work life.

Most of the roles do require that particular skill. The more mastered it is, the easier it becomes for you in many aspects. Great leaders possess outstanding leadership skills, because they are able to meaningfully communicate with others.

It will not only positively affect your professional life, but you will see an improvement in your personal relationships. You will enjoy better relationships with friends and family. You will start seeing advantages in more ways than you can imagine.

What does it mean to communicate effectively? 

By definition, it is a verbal speech or another communication method to get your point across. 

You will know that you are communicating clearly when: 

* you have the ability to say something at the right time

* you communicate using nonverbal and verbal cues

* you are able to get multiple people on the same page in a group decision

* you over-communicate properly to ensure the content of the conversation sticks with the audience

* you are able to get everyone to the same place at the same time

* you are being understood and your point gets across

* you use your body language to say the right thing 

* you don’t react to situations with high emotion

* you speak when you actually  have something valuable to say

* your words reflect your actions, you are reliable.

What is the impact of effective communication on professional relationships?

  • It simply solves issues

People with a lack of good communication skills add to the confusion of an issue because they are unable to articulate their thoughts and ideas. Problems are solved by people with the ability to communicate clearly between groups and other individuals.

  • Builds trust

As a strong and effective communicator, you will be able to establish and build trust between people and groups at work. We simply really want to be able to trust their coworkers, managers, subordinates. It makes day to day workload much easier to handle.

  • Helps to mitigate conflict

Smoothing things over and keeping tasks and projects going is a skill, that will in the end help resolve conflicts quicker and easier. Effective communication means that you will be moving and working towards a common goal. It does not matter if you are a leader or individual working as a part of a team.

  • More quality relationships with clients

Strong communicators will always represent themselves better and as more effective, than people who lack that skill. A company would be choosing a great communicator to be their support and face of the business to handle client relationships while closing deals with ease.

  • Higher employee engagement

If you are in a position of a leader and have a team to manage, this point is vital for the performance of your people. You need to be a good communicator in a leadership position in order to engage and interact with your team in a quality way for all parties.

How effective communication affects personal relationships?

  • Eliminates mistrust, doubt, faithlessness, insecurities

Questions and answers solve doubts. For example, if your partner does not tell you where he or she is leaving for the afternoon, you will tend to start having your own ideas. Often these are not true, but how would you know, if you are not communicating with your partner?

  • Get the loving, that you want

Quality relationships are built on understanding. You need to be able to communicate clearly and at the same level with your partner, to get the physical, mental, and emotional love, that you really need.

  • Makes conflict feel good

Trust me, it is better to have an argument with your partner at times, than never expressing your opinion. Emotions mean, that we care, often very much. Let’s cool off and talk it through.

  • Support, support support

An effective communicator will ask how are you doing, listen, and give full attention to resolve whatever problems you are going through at that point.

  • Feelings Create closeness

How can we express how we feel if we are unable to communicate it effectively? Expressing yourself and being understood is a big part of feeling that closeness in a relationship.

The benefits of effective communication skills at work and home are crystal clear.


Your relationship with your boss and colleagues is solid and positive. You are articulating your point clearly. Your projects and tasks are understood and everyone involved knows, what is their role in it. Quality communicators are a vital part of the team and leader roles across any organization. A great work environment and smooth workflows are positive outcomes of effective communication.


You are open, honest, and direct with your partner about your feelings. Your partner understands your needs because you communicate them clearly. Both of you will feel understood and supported and you will be talking mainly about each other’s experience in the situation. You will get the loving that you want and need and create more closeness with each other.

I will support YOU in mastering communication skills in YOUR professional and private life.

We will create opportunities for YOU to have more quality relationships every day.

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.

Paul J. Meyer